We are a Launch Vehicle Services Provider

Earth to Sky was founded with the purpose of providing launch services at an affordable cost. We have created a revolutionary product that anyone can buy the right to drive.


Earth to Sky offers an industry-revolutionizing product that allows for smaller payloads to control the destination – all at an extraordinarily low price.

Price SE-DLC Destination Performance Price Per Kilogram
$14 million USD $2M Right to Drive Leo (500km)
28.5° 1200 kg $10,000
Polar 900 kg $13,333
Sun-Synchronous 850 kg $14,118

Payload Services

For you, your payload represents a significant investment and is of the utmost importance. At Earth to Sky, we feel the same way and desire to provide the you with the best experience. We provide end to end services to help you through the process. Whether you have never flown or are a frequent flyer, we are here all the way.


We will make sure that design is industry standard, from the primary to the smallest CubeSat.

Logistical Support

Handle and care are things that matter – we’re here to provide that support.


Our experienced team will help with all the licensing and qualifications needed.


Success is the best! Launch day is an important experience.

Interested in learning more?

Read the customer payload handbook or contact us today!

About Earth to Sky

A Launch Services Provider

The Right to Drive

Earth to Sky is committed to making space available to all. We have developed a pricing that is designed to make this happen. Our innovative program “Right to Drive” is catered to this commitment.

The Right to Drive means that you pay a flat rate with a required payload quantity and in return your get a committed mission that is manifested. You will determine the final destination and we will worry about the rest. No secondary will affect your mission.

Earth to Sky

Earth to Sky is an aerospace design and engineering company that was founded in 2008 in Huntsville, AL. The founders collectively have decades of experience in all things space.

Earth to Sky is poised for 2 missions for the DARPA launch challenge, with follow-on missions currently being coordinated for the commercial space.

CubeSats. Reinvented

Earth to Sky is revolutionizing the CubeSat game. With the limited amount of rockets taking off, it can be hard to find a ride on a budget. That’s where Earth to Sky comes in.

Dozens of years of combined experience has lead the Earth to Sky team to shake up everything you’ve previously known about the CubeSat rideshare business. Welcome to a new way of ridesharing.